What to expect from your financial advisor

What to expect from your financial advisor?

Money can be a scary thing!  It’s a major contributor to stress, both to individuals and in relationships.  Meeting with a financial planner can be equally stressful, especially since it’s not something that you would normally do…

In order to make your first (or follow-up) meeting a bit easier, here are some guidelines as to what to expect.

Boundaries and services will be discussed

As your planner, I will begin our relationship off with explaining exactly what it is that I do and what services I am accredited to advise on.  This will help you decide if my areas of expertise will be of value to you or not, and help us structure your portfolios better.

Knowing what services I offer will help you in asking me the questions that are pertinent to your current financial situation and how we can set and achieve your goals.  I will also let you know how I am compensated for the different services so that you can make informed decisions regarding your investments as well as the role that I will play in assisting you to make those choices.

Discussion and setting of goals

I will ask you questions about your current situation and where you would like to go in terms of financial and life goals.  We’ll assess your current income and financial obligations, how you’re managing them and how we can manage it better to work towards achieving more with what you have.

Before any financial advice is given, it’s important to know where you are and then where you want to head towards.  Some of my clients come with existing portfolios that need to be consolidated, and others come with no planning whatsoever.  It’s my expertise to help you build from whatever you have!

Present a financial plan and recommend alternatives

The more time that I spend in the industry, the better I am able to understand the vast offering of financial products that are available to you.  Every person has their own unique needs and, just as our life landscapes change, so too will our financial needs.  After assessing your current needs I will present you with a financial plan along with some alternatives.

The alternatives are there for two reasons:
•    As your needs change, you will be aware that you have options
•    Giving you a good choice in options can help you make a better choice the first time around

Remember, you’re in control of your personal finances.  If at any stage you want a second opinion, get it.  Never rush any big decisions and always step back to look at the bigger picture!

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