Full medical cover has become an expensive purchase that few South Africans can afford. This is the reason for the increased popularity of hospital plans that cover your medical bills if you are hospitalised.

Having come from a generation that largely understood medical cover as a ‘covers all’ policy, it’s important to run through these five facts about hospital plans that are overlooked until they are needed!

  1. You usually need to be hospitalised for the hospital cover to kick in. This does not include visits to the trauma unit, unless the doctor decides to admit you to the hospital.
  1. Hospital plans are great for people who are fit and healthy and thus need minimal cover. Visits to doctors, dentists and optometrists will have to be paid by you. If your medical needs change, you can always select another option regarding your level of cover (usually in December).
  1. Hospital plans need to cover you for 26 prescribed chronic conditions, such as hypertension. This means that the medication for your chronic condition is paid for by the plan. This is done to try and prevent hospitalisation. Prevention is better than cure.
  1. Some hospital plans pay for certain procedures that allow for early diagnosis. Colonoscopies, mammograms and pap smears are examples of procedures that can be covered if done in doctors’ surgeries.
  1. Designated pharmacies, ambulance and other services recommended by your hospital plan will likely be a lot cheaper.

In order to ensure that your portfolio matures with you, it’s essential that you are kept up to date with your policies and the way in which your portfolio has been designed. If you’d like an update – then let’s hook up!

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