As Winter sets in we need to stay intent on nourishing and nurturing ourselves and our loved ones by staying active and healthy, all while working around the load-shedding schedule. One of my favourite ways of getting a nutritionally balanced meal, while not having to worry about the power cutting out and having a half-cooked dinner, is by making soup.

Here are top reasons why you should also eat soup:

Soup is affordable to make.
Making soup doesn’t require a lot of money. Go the grocery store and buy some vegetables and fruits, broth or water, and you can easily make a big enough batch to feed the entire family. For a small cost, you can make a lot of people feel full and healthy. (Many soups can also be enjoyed without being warmed up, so you can have a ready made meal for when the power is out)

Soup is delicious.
Soup is such a great comfort food as it is so delicious. It is easy to make and there are a hundreds of different flavours to enjoy. With only a few ingredients, one can make a bowl of hearty soup that can warm you up on any cold evening.

Soup is good for the health.
Eating vegetables is part of a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet so veggie soups are highly recommended. Soups are easily digested and are filled with health benefits. They can also help you stay slim (while still making you feel full), when eaten in conjunction with a diet plan and exercise regime. It’s a favourable alternative to picking up winter weight!

Besides the initial low-cost benefit of soup, there are other potential saving areas. Making a large batch can last a while, where you save on electricity by only warming a meal instead of cooking again. By staying nutritionally fulfilled you also protect yourself against flu and other diseases that could be detrimental to your cash.

Save warmly and make this winter a tasty one!

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