As we are embraced by the cold of Winter it can be a tough choice to get out of bed in the morning. We have some saving tips that encourage you to get out and about, while others can be enjoyed from the comfort and warmth of your home. Help your wallet put on some winter weight with these points:

Vacuous vacation spending
Cut down on your vacation spending. It might be tempting to go on a big, extravagant trip to somewhere with a warmer climate, but you can save a lot by keeping it local. You could use the opportunity to take the family to see some of the snow that is expected around South Africa, for example. You will also find that there is a lot less stress involved in a simple and relaxing, yet memorable, holiday. Money won’t buy memories.

Satellite savings
If you have a DSTV, or similar, subscription it might be worth looking to cancel the satellite channels you don’t watch. Many people pay for the premium package but rarely watch all the extra channels. There are boutique packages aimed towards different demographics which don’t contain all the extra channels. Sometimes it’s cheaper to just rent a movie.

Online efficacy
Utilize online banking services. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it keeps you in closer contact with your money, as you can closely monitor your balance and be in much less danger of overdrafting. Secondly, it saves you time by letting you bank on-the-go without having to go and wait in lines. Remember to practice safe online security measures.

Walk it off
Exercise more. Go for a walk or a jog each evening, and practice stretching and light muscle exercises at home. These exercises can be done at home for free, meaning you’ve got an activity without cost and the health benefits are enormous. Just set aside some time each day to get some exercise, and your body and wallet will thank you.

I hope that some of these tips were useful to you, or at least inspiring! There are thousands of ways to save a buck, just remember to take one small step at a time and don’t give up.

In need of more financial advice? I’m here to help, let’s get in touch!

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