Fun things to do for around R50 (or less!)

The holidays are the perfect time to get outside, spend time with the family and do something out of the ordinary. It’s best to find activities that are both financially and family-friendly otherwise the costs start piling up!

That’s why I’ve put together this list of fun things to do in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban for R50 (or less!). So whether you’re staying put or heading out of town, you’re bound to find something of value.


The Planetarium (R10-R25 per person)
The Planetarium is housed in the South African Museum building in Cape Town. A celestial theatre for all ages. Utilising multiple projectors and the complex Minolta star machine to transport the audience through the wonders of the universe. The Planetarium’s edutainment show is from Monday to Friday at 14h00 and Tuesday evenings at 20h00. Saturday and Sunday shows are at 12h00, 13h00 and 14h30. To find out more visit:

Boulders Beach (R35-R65 per person)
Boulders Beach is a place of renowned beauty. A stunning beach famous for the local population of wild penguins. This scenic location will provide for some fantastic photographs and fun in the sun.

Kirstenbosch Gardens (R10-R55 per person)
Whether you are going for a picnic or a simple stroll, Kirstenbosch is an awesome venue that will awaken the senses. Stretching over 528 hectares, there’s a wide variety of fynbos as well as a natural forest to explore. There is also a tea-room that serves a full English breakfast!

Green Market Square (Free)
Celebrated by international visitors as one of SA's most charming cultural hot spots, Green Market Square is known for showcasing some of the most traditional examples of local culture through art, music and food. The market is a feast for the senses and takes place in the centre of Cape Town itself.

The Scratch Patch (R10+ per person)
Situated near the Waterfront and in Simon's Town, the scratch patch is an iconic part of the area. Great for little ones and extremely affordable. Afterwards, you can even go for a game of cave golf next door. For more information visit:



Adventure Golf Randburg (R80 per 3 game ticket)
Putt-putt is is a popular family activity in South Africa and this Randburg course takes it to the next level. You get to test your skills and your luck. Elaborate par three, four and five courses provide for a fun and friendly, yet competitive, experience. Situated at the Brightwater Commons centre, you can expect a great day out for people of all ages. Visit:

Afronova Art Gallery (Free)
Situated in the lively Newton precinct of Johannesburg, visitors can experience the spectacular modern and contemporary artwork of Henri Vergon. The gallery also boasts a bookshop that has a wide range of publications on art from Africa. For more visit:

Bensusan Museum of Photography (Free)
If you prefer photography more than art then why not head to the Bensusan Museum of Photography. With a rare and valuable collection of photographic equipment as well as prints of moments that were captured by the equipment, the museum is an informative and interactive experience teeming with historic value.

Killarney Antique Fair (Free)
Discover forgotten treasures, collectables and unique African souvenirs at this event. The fair takes place at the Killarney Mall on the first Saturday of each month, so head out to the next event and you may just find exactly what you didn’t know you were searching for.



Visit the Fitzsimons Snake Park (R25 per person)
Fitzsimons is not only a snake park, but also a sanctuary for iguanas, tortoises, crocodiles and other reptiles. Boasting over 200 different snakes there are demonstrations, feedings as well as snake encounters that will get your heart racing! Visit:

Umhlanga Beach Blue Flag beach (Free)
A Blue Flag beach much uphold stringent standards. Umhlanga holds Blue Flag status and is one of the world's premier beach destinations. Enjoy a swim in the warm Indian Ocean, feel the sand between your toes and chill out. An entire day of fun can be had on this beautiful beach, and the best part is it won't cost you a cent!

Climb The Rock at Gateway (R50 per person)
Home to one of the highest indoor climbing walls in the world! At 22.5 meters tall, do you think that you could take on The Rock and make it to the very top? There are more than 30 routes to the top, all with a varying degree of difficulty to keep adventure-seekers on their toes.

The Japanese Gardens (Free)
Situated in Durban North, the beautiful oriental gardens of bamboo reeds and Japanese blossoms is sure to make you feel more Zen. Traditional ponds are home to Japanese Koi Carp and arching bridges. The gardens deliver a relaxing vista for even the most stressed visitors and the best part is that it is open to everyone. To find out more visit:

I hope that you have an awesome holiday, just remember that having fun doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket!


Disclaimer: Prices subject to change


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