Improve the way you invest for the year

Having an eager desire to achieve more is a key motivator for success. If you want to achieve more in your investing, why not consider setting new wealth goals and not just new health goals for the new year?

New and revised goals require a new plan, so for continued success with your investments into this year, start planning properly.

Here are four strategies to get your new investment year started on solid footing and continue building your wealth.

1. Use the end of the financial year to plan for what you want from the new one

The end of the year is a great time to think about new commitments. It’s also the best time to do a full personal review of how you did on the goals you have set yourself previously.

This helps you get organized as you identify habits that are either helpful or harmful to your investing goals. You can review your spending habits, pinpoint weak areas and set clear boundaries for the next step in your journey – all of this helps you make the link between your money and what your money means to you.

2. Organize your money habits

Once you’ve identified your habits, it’s much easier to try and control them. Automate your investing where possible (with debit orders or repeat payment profiles) so that you can stick to your commitments to save money.

When it comes to spending, ordering goods online can be a good way to shop within the limits of an achievable budget. You’ll be mindful about what you’re buying, the overall cost and you’ll be less prone to impulsive buying.

Try a financial software app that lets you snap photos of your receipts so you can keep track of where your money goes each month.

3. Be mindful of your options and opportunities

If you really want to improve the way that you invest for the new year, having a mindfulness about your money will also improve your understanding of financial markets, not just the inflows and outflows from your bank account. It also helps you have a better relationship with your financial adviser as your money and how it is managed will have a deeper meaning for you.

4. Expand in a relevant way

The beauty of a diverse portfolio is that you are able to leverage multiple opportunities in the market whilst mitigating risk. When you look to expand your investment strategy for the new year, to successfully profit from diversifying your portfolio you have to map out a winning strategy that is unique to you.

Diversifying your portfolio should be done for reasons that are applicable to you; in other words, for goals that matter to you. Develop a strategy that considers your comfort levels with different market options but also has benefits for your desired outcomes, and are not simply the latest trend.

The best teams have coaches who design a game strategy that’s based on what their strong and weak areas are so that they can leverage their position to win.

Start rolling out your plan of action as soon as possible. Start prioritizing your bottom line now. Adopt a hands-on approach to managing your wealth in collaboration with your adviser.

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