Unless you’ve already had a debilitating illness, the last thing you think about is your health failing you for anything longer than your hospital stay. As a result, we tend to only include a hospital plan, and perhaps some GAP cover in our financial planning. But what happens if the accident means that you can’t work for six months?
Your hospital and GAP cover may take care of most of your in-hospital expenses (costs incurred whilst you’re admitted), but how will you cover your monthly costs?

Difficult as this subject may be, stats show that we’re all going to have an unexpected brush with some major illness at some point in the future. It might be you, it might be your partner, or it might be someone close to you that you will need to support.For many of us a tragedy of this magnitude it will have a profound effect on both our physical health and on our financial health. The wise question to ask is: how do I keep paying the bills when I’m ill?

Well, let me share the solution with you about a real breakthrough in our financial planning artillery. No, it’s not just ‘another insurance product’… it’s so much more.

I call it Recovery Money.Recovery money a revolutionary concept that gives you an immediate lump sum payment on a diagnosis of certain severe illnesses. Money that you can use at your own discretion to provide for your family, clear debt or pay for certain treatments.

You can now have the assurance that your income is protected in the event of a severe illness diagnosis stopping you from earning that income yourself.

Please contact me so that we can arrange to meet and I can show you how this valuable concept may work for you, your loved ones and even those around you.
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