Clearing out old clothes and a garage full of stuff? While you might be tempted to just dump it all, there are people less fortunate that can use your second hand clothing to keep warm in the evening chill. While you are spring cleaning the accumulated clutter in your house, why not brush up on your finances? Here are some ways to achieve this…

Budget maintenance
The ever-present spending plan, one of the most important financial planning tools. If you find yourself constantly tweaking your budget throughout the month then you are spending too much time on it. Work to simplify your budget into broader categories, it should be aiding you and not encumbering. Take some time to go over your spending for the past few months and identify any problem spending areas or areas that you have over budgeted.

Consolidate accounts
If you have multiple bank accounts, some of which you hardly use, then consider closing some and uniting the infrequent accounts. And if you’ve been unhappy with your bank, now is as good a time as any to switch.

Reduce account clutter
Most accounts these days have a paperless billing option, which makes sense if you pay bills online. Not receiving all that paper in the mail can cut back on those daunting piles taking over the kitchen counter – and it’s good for the environment too.

Check back next week for some more financial spring cleaning tips.

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